Episode 29: The Breakthrough Factory

Episode 29: The Breakthrough Factory

Creating a Marketing Program That’s Right for You.


Our guest, Mike Broadwell joins us to discuss The Breakthrough Methodology. This methodology is about building a solid foundation in your marketing program, which doesn’t rely on copying others but working from your own individual strength and experience.


Some of the important aspects Mike talks about in this podcast are:


  • Reframing your marketing program as powerfully and effectively communicating what you do. Communication is key to getting better results.
  • First, there is some work you need to do on yourself. Creating your client avatar is the foundation of his marketing program and the first step in crafting effective communication.
  • Mike explains why a holistic, context-based approach is so much more solid and effective in the long run than the “quick fix” or “magic pill” approach. This applies not only to our own marketing program but to breaking customers and clients out of this mentality as much as possible.

Mike Broadwell


For more information, also listen to Episode 6 which is all about identifying your Ideal Client:


Check out Mike’s website to get a free marketing review.


Favorite Quote

“Most people are subjective toward themselves and objective toward all others, frightfully objective sometimes–but the task is precisely to be objective toward oneself and subjective toward all others.” –  Søren Kierkegaard


Book Suggestions from Mike: 

A Whole New Mind by Daniel Pink


Joy Inc. by  Richard Sheradon

Download the Breakthrough Factory Value Shifter Process



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