Episode 31: Secrets from a Digital Strategist

Episode 31: Secrets from a Digital Strategist

Sara Jansma


In this podcast, we are speaking with Sara Jansma, the digital strategist from Korsgaden International.


Insurance is in her blood as most of her family runs award-winning insurance agencies!  Sara is author and speaker Troy Korsgaden’s niece and very passionate about her career.


Do you have any idea what a digital strategist does?  Did you ever think you might need a digital strategist for your insurance business or any business for that matter?  What is your marketing plan, and what type of people do you have working on it?


We had an interesting conversation with Sara about a subject we all struggle with: Creating a digital marketing plan to grow your insurance agency.


Today, you have no choice but to add this to your overall marketing plan.  Listen in as Sara talks about the type of people we could hire for this job, as well as everything involved in the job.


In the end, it’s not that hard to make it part of your marketing plan, and now is the best time to do it.  Get ready for the New Year in a powerful way!


Sara has provided our listeners with a free copy of one of Troy Korsgaden’s books.

Specialization:  The Master Key to Agency Transformation.


Download the Specialization: The Master Key to Agency Transformation.



Sara’s Book Choice:

Essentialism  George McKeown




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