Mike Schmisek


Mike Schmisek graduated from Colorado State University in 2001 with a degree in Political Science. Following college, Mike worked his way up the Target Corporation ladder to become the youngest store manager in the state of Colorado in 2005.  In 2009, Mike left his job as a store team leader and started the Mike Schmisek Insurance Agency, Inc.

Mike has quickly become one of the top agents in Colorado, as well as the country. In the relatively short amount of time Mike has been an agent he’s achieved such honors as Toppers Club, Championship and Presidents Council.  Mike has grown his agency to over 3,200 PIF and has four agency employees. Mike embraced social media early on in his career, using such sites as Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, YouTube , InstagramPinterest and Twitter, to build his business. Mike enjoys helping other agents find success and has been a featured speaker for Farmers Insurance at events such as the Club, the 2011 Colorado Agents Conference, the 2012 Heartland Agent Symposium, numerous “Social Media Days” and many other events. In 2019, Mike Schmisek resigned as an agent with Farmers Insurance so that he could become the principal agent of an independent agency, Premier Mountain Insurance.  You can connect with Mike at @mschmisek.