Renee Corwin-Rey

Renee Corwin-Rey became a Farmers Agent in 2004 and operates two office locations with 8 full time staff in Longview, WA and Centralia, WA. She has achieved Topper Club & Championship every year, has earned consecutive Presidents Council memberships, and is a popular speaker at insurance events. She has spoken at numerous State and Territory conventions, Toppers Club, Championship and Social Media seminars.
Renee started using Social Media to reconnect with old friends and family and started a Facebook page for her Agency simply because she thought it would be fun. She soon realized the potential of using that page to show clients, and potential clients her Agency personality and strengths in order to earn their trust. Renee and her staff take full advantage of the potential Social Media offers to have a conversation with people on a deeper, more consistent level via LinkedIn and Twitter as well.
Renee’s 2 primary core beliefs about Social Media are that 1) It is not the wave of the future.. it is the NOW… and 2) If you want to retain and gain customers, you need to  engage them where they play, and that is on Social Media.
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