Are Your Agents Fearful Their Job is Disappearing?

Are Your Agents Fearful Their Job is Disappearing?

Insurance is changing, that is a fact, not a prediction.  Agents are becoming fearful that their careers may become irrelevant in as little as 10 years. Clients want to do business in a quick, simple manner, and agents fear that they may be taken out of this equation.  

It is true, more and more companies are bypassing agents, using mobile apps that are quick and easy for clients to use.  But this doesn’t mean agents must disappear and become irrelevant, it just means their role will and must change.

Instead of completely disregarding the fear your agents may have, why not address it head on?  

Why not discuss how their role is changing, and what they can do to stay relevant.  There will always be a segment of clients that will want to have an agent, but that agent may have to change the way they do business in order to keep that client.  

The ‘ideal client’ may still be the planner, the person who bundles everything together, the client that isn’t a price shopper and the person who wants the advice of an agent.  Yet, that client doesn’t communicate in the same manner with their agent today, as they did a decade ago.

A decade ago, an agent could call their preferred clients, and sit down and review their needs either at their kitchen table, or in the agents office.  Today, life is just too busy for these types of reviews.

Agents need to give other options.  Communication is key, and home phones are no longer a viable communication option.  If agents don’t adapt to being able to communicate in the manner their clients want, those clients will simply find someone who will.  

Are your agents set up on social and digital platforms?  Do they know how to use those platforms to communicate with their clients that want to use them?  Are your agents able to use video conferencing, Facetime, video messenger or What’s App to quickly discuss things with their clients?  

Giving your agents the tools and education to help them stay relevant with their clients is key to removing the fear they may have that their role may be disappearing.  It’s not disappearing, it’s changing and evolving, as they must also.

We love speaking with groups of agents about how they can stay relevant.  Let us know if you’d like us to come speak with your agents.




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