Can Clients Easily Communicate With Your Insurance Agents?

insurance agent visibility

Can Clients Easily Communicate With Your Insurance Agents?

insurance agent visibilityThere is nothing worse for me than not being able to communicate with a business when and how I want to communicate.  Let’s be honest, nobody has time to search for contact information. Each and every one of us has our favorite method of communication.  Mine is not waiting until 9 am and calling a business. Mine is checking off my ‘to do ‘ list at 5 am, and reaching out via email or websites.  Others may prefer texting a business, regardless of the hours of operation. Some may prefer communicating via social networks like Facebook or LinkedIn.  

One of my biggest pet peeves is landing on a page, and having to search for contact information.  One of my favorite ways to find people’s contact information is via LinkedIn. It’s easy, quick, and oh wait…. They haven’t filled in their contact information.  I’m not wasting any time trying to find it anywhere else, I’ll move on.

Do your agents have a social and digital presence?  Having worked with thousands of agents across the United States, and worldwide, we find that one of the biggest misconceptions agents have is that simply getting a ‘presence’ on social and digital is enough.  They don’t take the time to completely set up their pages, especially with all of their contact information. There truly is nothing more simple and quick to do, yet 90% of agents skip this step.

Clients will do business with agents where they can communicate on their terms, when they want, and how they want.  If your agents aren’t set up to facilitate this, they are watching their clients go someplace where they can.

If you would like to have more information on how we work with agents to set up and use social and digital marketing, get a hold of us today.



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