How to capture your NICHE audience?

How to capture your NICHE audience?

by Spencer Lund

Our Passion And How It Started…

Three years ago was born. It was born out of our passion of the Bully Breed dogs. When looking at the statistics of why these dogs end up in shelters are typically because of insurance and housing issues. In 2011 when I became a Farmers Insurance Agent I knew this was an area that l could help with. But one problem was that the Spencer Lund Agency didn’t say anything about our passion and to help the breed. This is when we decided to develop another identity of our agency which is a pipeline back into our agency. Now this truly tells clients about our passion and how we are able to help them with this important need.

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How To Channel Your Passion…

In 2013 when we decided to start to capture this audience the first thing we did was started a Facebook page that today has over 2,000 followers. Not long after that we started a blog page as well During our busy week at the agency we make sure to post and share content on our Facebook page. We also try on a regular basis to blog as well.


Featured Media Highlights…

When we started, the agency got a good amount of featured articles from around the web, specifically, The Huffington Post, It’s Time to End the Prejudice Against Pit Bulls and Pit Bull Owners Find That Good Dogs Face Bad Insurance Policies.

The National Dog Examiner had featured us on a Facebook post on January 9, 2014.

We also are featured on several other websites like


How Has It Helped Our Agency…

Since day one our agency has kept a sales log. When we look back at our book of business we see multiple policies we write a week due to us actively soliciting the community of Pit Bull owners. During the week we are not able to write 100% of these policies due to only being licensed in Oregon and Washington. But this isn’t a necessarily a bad thing since we can refer to great agents around the country. I mean for us its really about the dogs and keeping them out of the shelter, if we can make a buck or two that’s a win-win.

Going Viral…

bully insuranceJanuary 9th 2014 this simple post went viral! This is just an example of how you can do something just right and it blows up! This post is currently used in the presentations as they travel the country.

Moving Forward…

As our agency continues to grow and we continue this fight for the Pit Bull Breed, we will continue to educate people on the insurance issues when owning the breeds that a lot of companies consider dangerous dogs.


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