How I Got 86 Google Reviews in 10 Days

How I Got 86 Google Reviews in 10 Days

Google ReviewsWe all know how important Google Reviews are for our SEO.

Why is it so hard for us to get them then?  How many does your business have? In doing a search for insurance agents in general, I found the average to be about 5 Google Reviews.  Actually, that’s not all together true. Of the agencies that had reviews, the average was 5.  

85% of agencies though, have zero reviews!  Most corporate entities have already claimed the Google business site for all of their agency owners.   If not, it’s a very simple process.

When we answer the phone these days we ask the potential client how they heard about us.  25% are referrals from our current customers, and almost all the rest are from “Googling” insurance agents in our town.  

Now, I was pretty happy with my Google results, given I have two agency locations, and one location had 31 reviews, while the other had 15.   We would randomly ask our customers to give us a review, and from time to time I would encourage my staff to focus on it for a week or two.

But deep down I knew we could do better.  So, being the competitive person I am, I launched a challenge to my team.   Whoever could get the most Google reviews in the next 10 days would get a day off.   I made sure they knew I was included in this challenge! I asked them to be creative and to have fun with it.  Afterall, our customers love us and love doing business with us. We randomly ask for referrals from them, but asking them for a review would be an even better referral.   

Each team member put their own twist on asking.  

One team member sent an email to her ‘favorite’ customers, Thanking them for doing business with us, and simply asking them for a review, adding the link in the email.

Another one simply asked every person that came in the office to get out their cell phone and review us while they were there.

One went Facebook ‘stalking’ to our customers that ‘liked’ our Facebook business page and sent them private messages.  

I pleaded with family and friends, explaining the contest and how I wanted to win.  (on a side note, my own Mother has yet to leave us a review!)

One sent group text messages to her contacts in her phone.

The result being, we now have 54 reviews for one location, and 80 reviews for the other.  I also, did NOT win this contest! (Thanks a lot Mom!)

I wanted to share this, because it really is as simple as asking your customers.   We love to Thank our customers for their business, and while doing so, why not ask them for a quick review.  They not only appreciate us reaching out to them, but they feel they are helping our business grow by giving us a review!  And every one of our reviews is a real, legitimate review from a client.

I challenge you to try this in your agency.  Get your team involved, get their creative minds going, it’s a fun break from writing policies!



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