Key to business success? You might be surprised.

Key to business success? You might be surprised.

Starting out in business is never easy. We are all under constant pressure to grow our business, but we can’t have agency growth without having help. What has been your most important key to business success? You probably think it’s being a great boss, well you might be surprised.   Mine has definitely been staffing.

I am proud of the agency and our team and I feel like I’m a good boss, maybe even a great boss, but I have even greater employees. My team has helped me build the agency I have today. It’s not just about work, but it’s about encouraging them in their personal lives, education, health and well-being. They also encourage and support me.

So, all this is fine and dandy, but what does it really have to do with Social Media? Glad you asked. Since we started using social media over 4 years ago, it has done amazing things for our team. Our communication with each other is more fun. Here’s how:

  1. We have a private group, where only we can see our posts.
  2. We follow each other on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest, which opens up a bit of our private lives to each other, helping to connect us on different levels.
  3. We have found common interests with each other, participated in group events, community events and even organized our own 5K run.
  4. We can follow our clients, which allows us to see what is going on in their lives, and have found many common interests between our staff and our clients.

All of this continues to solidify the relationship between our team and our clients and it is also so fun!


I truly believe you create a team atmosphere by simply being open to communication and encouraging each other in different aspects of your lives. Social media lets us do that in a very easy, fun atmosphere. Being part of an awesome team is great, but being the leader of an awesome team is even better.



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