Priorities to Grow your Business Using Social and Digital Marketing

Priorities to Grow your Business Using Social and Digital Marketing

Priorities to grow your business using social and digital marketing.

First off, how’s your marketing plan going ?  Did you start off 2018 with a bang, get things in place, and do some new things?  I did, and I was super hyped about it. I got my calendar all scheduled out and was going to hold myself accountable for following up and making sure things got done.  

Every Thursday was going to be dedicated to updating my website, writing a blog, adding pictures, updating my Google Business page, making sure my Facebook Business page was updated and asking for reviews.  The first few weeks I did pretty well, but as time went on, every time that Calendar reminder would come up, I would hit ignore, and figure I would get to it later. Everyday life got in the way. Employees, clients, and office issues.  You all understand, I’m sure, we all have the desire to do certain things, but also choose to push some of those things down on the list, because we don’t see the importance.

It’s now the second quarter of the year, and I’m feeling the repercussions of not doing what I said I was going to do.  I haven’t asked for a Google review in over two months, and guess what? I don’t even need to answer that, you already know.

I don’t understand why it’s so hard to simply put priorities in place and stick with them.  We all know what it takes to succeed today in our business. Social and Digital strategies are so important.  For gosh sakes, I teach about this all the time with DAMSystems. Here I’ve fallen into the pit I warn so many of you about.

It’s time to shake it off, and get back in my groove.  I’m hoping for some of you in the same dilemma I’m in, that this encourages you to do the same.  We can’t move forward in our business if we aren’t willing to put in the time to ensure that socially and digitally we are on point. Others around us will, and we will be left in the slow lane, moving at a snail’s pace.

Here’s my plan:

1:  Don’t ignore my calendar reminders !

2:  Make my calendar reminders more specific.

3:  Don’t try and do everything in one day.

4:  Task my staff to help with things such as uploading pictures, or making posts.

5:  Have an accountability partner.  In my case, I’m going to make my staff hold me accountable.

I’m glad I didn’t wait till 4th quarter to figure all this out, and am excited to get things moving.  

What is your plan?  



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