Promote Your Local Businesses

Promote Your Local Businesses

Do you have existing clients that are local business owners? Are they local businesses that you would like to have as clients or build a relationship with? Of course you do! How have you strengthened that relationship or how can you cultivate a new relationship? When you partner with local businesses, whether or not they are your existing clients, you can answer yes to the previous questions.

Approach the owners of the businesses with the “how can I help” mentality, and brainstorm ways you can work together. Let’s review some ways to partner with these local businesses, growing your and the business owners’ presence.

 Local Business Spotlight

Both you, the agent, and the people who follow you on social media or a blog will have a more personal feel for that business. Whether you do the spotlight as a blog post or a video to be shared on your blog or social media, you have to make sure that the content gets in front of people and is engaging. Below are a few questions to address in your spotlight:

  • How long ago did they start the business and what was the spark that set it in motion?
  • What does the company do/specialize in?
  • What separates the business from the competition (service, products, etc)
  • How can people find the business?
  • Are there any current specials?

The final question about specials is something you can get involved with. You can partner with them and create a special discount/deal for people who mention the spotlight or bring in a coupon you supply for them (see below).

 Partner Up

Most business owners will love the idea of creating a deal for a select group of people. You can either have the store owner create a coupon/deal flyer, or you can design one (or have a local designer create it); for a specific audience (your clients, blog or social media followers, etc). This is part of the brainstorming process as mentioned before; figure out what ways best benefit the local business.

 Where to Market

If you have existing clients, you have established trust in one way or another. These clients will be more likely to support someone you recommend than a random ad online. If you send out a monthly newsletter, be sure to include the business spotlight. If you don’t have a newsletter, start one geared towards local businesses.

Join word of mouth and buy/sell/trade groups on Facebook. Share the spotlight post from your business page to these groups for a free organic reach to locals. Be sure to verify with the group rules that you are allowed to post business related posts.

 Be Consistent

You focus on promoting a small business should be at most monthly. More frequent than that and you will seem to be spamming people, and we know how people feel about spam! Being consistent is key to any such marketing tactic. The more often you and your local businesses are in front of people, the more traffic both will receive.

Robert Langlois is a successful insurance agent serving Colorado and Utah.  Robert is one of our favorite DAMbers (member of the DAM Academy) and does a great job with social and digital marketing.  He can be reached at 303-325-3240.



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