Pump Up Your Facebook Page With Video

Pump Up Your Facebook Page With Video

It’s almost Spring and everyone is “pumping up” something, getting ready for bathing suit season.  So that’s how I picked this title.  Sorry – I’m in a weight loss competition with agents from all over the country and it’s kind of all I can think about.  I don’t like to lose, and I’ve only had plain tuna for dinner the past 2 nights.

But let’s get down to business.

For the last few months, Facebook has been encouraging users to upload video directly to Facebook instead of YouTube, and they are rewarding video in their algorithm.  To get more views on your Facebook Page, let’s review some good uses of video!


Although you may have videos uploaded to your Facebook Page, you will need to set one as a Featured Video to get the full benefit.  If you don’t have any videos uploaded to your Facebook page, take time to make one and get it uploaded and set as your Featured Video.

This is a great place to tell people what you do and why they should use you.  See it in action HERE! The Featured Video will show up right above the About section.

Do this on your Page today!

Facebook Featured Video






Help direct users where you want them to go. Facebook now has several Call-To-Action buttons you can add to your cover photo.  One is “Watch Video’!  This is a great option if you’re featuring a product, staff member, or to introduce people to your agency.

You can change this out based on what you want to promote at the time.  See it in action HERE.








Your videos are likely to get a larger organic reach than just a plain text post, or even one with pictures or links right now because of Facebook’s push of using video.  But if you have a really great video that is entertaining or inspiring, give it a little boost with an ad.

Set your budget, select your audience and let ‘er rip!  (I follow a lot of foodies, which won’t help at all with that weight loss competition.  Don’t judge me!)



We are frequently asked about equipment needed to record videos.  While you can definitely just use your mobile phone, if you’re going to use the video for a Featured Video or an Ad, you may want to invest just a little bit of money into good lighting and sound for maximum effectiveness.

Here’s a link to the bundle of video recording products we use.  This is a link to Amazon so you can purchase it right from here–>  Social Heroes Recording Studio Bundle

Social Heroes Recording Studio




Create your own quick and easy recording studio today!

PS – If you do use your phone, remember to hold it horizontal and NOT vertical.  That way you won’t have black spaces on either side of your video!

PSS – I’ll keep you posted on the weight loss winner, unless it isn’t me, in which case we’ll never speak of this again.  Mmmmk?



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